Lord Snow live sessions

Can you tell I miss Fest????


“Real Mean (Acoustic)”-Erica Freas (RVIVR)

Oh Erica Freas *swoon*. She seriously always looks so happy when she plays, I’m glad she’s getting a chance to release a solo record and play some acoustic stuff on her own. Also, best guitar ever.

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The Topshelf Records Generator Party during Fest 11 Weekend.

I regard this as one of the best nights of my year, but I forgot how emotional I’d get when I’d be reminded of that fact. This is perfect. Party on.

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Dikembe - Fest 11


Paul Baribeau - “Strawberry” Live at Fest 11

HD Footage of “Strawberry” from Paul Baribeau’s Fest 11 set in Gainesville. 



I miss FEST, but who doesn’t.

Fun fact: The line for this show was the longest one I stood in the entire FEST weekend. Missed half their set.

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Age Sixteen - Peter Pan Complex (3.20.10 - Final show)

Carrion Spring “Hemorrhage” 3.12.11

Fugazi - Waiting Room